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Why Do You Need to Change Locks on Your Home?

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Many situations will make you feel the need to change your locks to increase your home security.
If you’re considering changing the door locks on your house, there are 2 ways to accomplish this.
Rekeying Locks
Rekeying a lock involves changing the inner workings of the lock by taking it apart and replacing the tumblers or key pins with different sizes to match the new key. You keep the original same lock but any previous keys will not work with it. Lock rekey is the easiest and cheaper solution.
Replacing Locks
Replacing a lock refers to removing the existing lock from the door and then installing a brand new lock in its place. The new lock will need to be fitted into place and a new latch or strike plate may need to be installed. Replace locks when you want to upgrade your house security.Here are some reasons why you should consider changing your home locks today.

Moving Into a New House

When you move into a different property, a good idea would be to rekey your home as soon as possible. You never know how many copies of your home key are floating around. Real estate agents, contractors, inspectors, previous residents or strangers could have duplicates of your keys. Get peace of mind and protect your new home by changing the locks. Learn more about Should You Change Locks When Moving Into A New House?

Lost Your Keys

If your house keys have been misplaced and you can’t find them anymore, one of your first steps would be to change the locks on your doors so that no one can gain access to your home. When someone has your keys and knows your property location, you could be a target of home theft. Rekeying would be a good choice in this situation.

After a Burglary

If a burglary happens in your home, this means that your current security was insufficient and has been compromised. Even if the burglars entered through a door or window opening or it was a forced entry, they could have taken a spare key. A professional locksmith can go to your place to assess and upgrade your home security system or at least changing your existing locks to prevent a future break-in.

Faulty or Broken Locks

The locks on your home get used frequently and eventually, they will wear out. The lock will be faulty and broken over time. Rekeying your locks will work for most situations. However, if your locks are too damaged or worn out, replacing the entire lock would be better. It’s always more cost-effective to rekey or replace the locks before an emergency happens. You don’t want to get locked out of your own home on a busy day or after hours.

Locks With Same Key

Are you tired of fumbling through a bunch of keys to open the front door lock in your home? If you have the same lock brand on all doors, you can have a single key by rekeying all the locks to work with the same key. This makes it convenient for you to lock and unlock any door in your house with the same standard key. If your house locks are of different brands, you’ll need to replace some of the locks so that all your locks will be of the same brand and then you can rekey them all to accept a single key.

Upgrade Your Security

You can upgrade to more secure locks. High-tech door locks which are electronic and keyless, both improve and simplify home security. Locks with a keypad can be programmed with a numerical digit code to lock and unlock the door. The keypad can easily be reset to a new code if necessary. There are smart locks that can be paired to a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop which you can then lock and unlock the door by being nearby or remotely. For people with disability or mobility issues, changing to a keyless entry could be more convenient.

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