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You can never compromise the safety of your loved ones and the security of your house. It’s crucial to do your research first before hiring an expert professional to install the new lock for your home. You would want the safest security system to safeguard you and your family.

Whether your home or office, you need to be on the best security solutions to keep your properties safe 24/7. Perth homeowners and property managers have relied on South Perth Locksmiths for many years when it comes to quality lock installations and repairs.

South Perth Locksmiths can come to assess your property needs and offer the most suitable solution with efficient lock installation or repair at an affordable rate. We are fully licensed and insured with fast response time.

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Lock Installation and Repair Services

Locks are your essential protection against intruders and need to be of high quality and proper function. They come in many types and styles to suit different door materials and security requirements.

We have covered throughout the Perth wide area with top-rated lock installation and repair for many years. We install a wide range of locks and door hardware to meet your highest residential and commercial applications.

We are certified security experts in all types and styles of door locks. From installing and repairing a range of locks for entrance doors and internal doors, and privacy locks to fitting various smart locks and digital locks to gates and pool locks.

Customer safety and satisfaction is our top priority. We get the job done efficiently with high-grade materials and high-quality workmanship for a fair price.

We also have rapid response time, quick lock replacement and door lock installation solutions so you can get back to normal swiftly after a lockout or break-in.

We are available 24/7 for any mobile and emergency locksmith service at 0477 724 100.

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Wood Door Mortice Lock Installation

A mortice lock is a lock that requires a hole (mortice) to be cut into the edge of the door, and the lock fit inside the mortice hole. Mortice locks are commonly found on wooden exterior doors. Lock finishes are available in polished chrome or brass, antique brass or copper, stainless steel, matte black finish and many more.

Aluminium Door Mortice Lock Installation

The aluminium door mortice lock is similar to the wood door mortice lock. Typically found in offices and commercial buildings, it too comes in different styles, types, sizes and keying options.

Glass Door Lock Installation

Installing a keyed lock is a step to make your glass door more secure in your commercial and residential properties.

Digital Lock Installation

The perfect security upgrade for easy access, a digital lock adds the convenience of keyless access with the reliability of a traditional mechanical lock.

Smart Lock Installation

Smart locks offer ease of access, and many can be locked and unlocked from anywhere in the world with an app on your smartphone. There are several wireless methods available to connect to a smart lock including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and Zigbee.

Deadlock Installation

Deadlock is a type of lock where the outside has a keyhole, and the inside has another keyhole and turnable knob. Deadlocks have a deadlock mode that can only be unlocked using the key, and the knob is inoperable.

Deadbolt Installation

Deadbolts have the same functionality as deadlocks. A deadbolt requires a key to lock and unlock. However, the deadbolt has a single metal locking bolt that extends from inside the door and into the wall. Forcing the door open is almost impossible when a deadbolt is locked.

Deadlatch Installation

A deadlatch is similar to the deadlock, except for an added latch function. Deadlatches will automatically lock themselves whenever the door is closed without needing a key or knob to move the bolt in place.

Security Screen Door Lock

A security screen door lets in all the air and light while still preventing someone from sneaking in. The most effective security door is made of steel, with a three-point lock and five-pin cylinder or equivalent key locks.

Sliding Door Lock

Aluminium or timber sliding patio doors and sliding screen doors installed with high-grade locks and hardware can be secure for residential and commercial use.

Window Lock

Window locks are just as important as door locks. Burglars usually break in through unsecured windows because they’re easier to open.

Garage Door Lock

Whether your garage door is roller or sectional type, there are must-have security features to ensure high safety standards.

Steel Gate Lock

Gate locks come in various designs and functionalities. Some use physical mechanisms to lock the gate, while others rely on electricity to operate. For example, the simple keyed gate lock for a pedestrian gate or the electric gate lock for a swing gate.

Pool Gate Lock

Installing a self-closing, self-latching, key-lockable gate is recommended for any pool fence system. A locked pool gate makes your pool inaccessible to unsupervised children, keeping them out of harm’s way. It’s good to ensure that the gate locks securely, and if not, repairs are required.

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How Do You Pick a New Lock?

There are many different types of locks available in the market. However, deadbolts and knobs or levers are the two main types. When you decide on the new locks, consider the level of security that the room needs.

For example, front and back doors will need highly secure deadbolts or digital locks, while the bathrooms and bedrooms may only require simple lever locks.

What Are the Most Secure Locks?

Locks are assigned with ANSI/BHMA standards that include a system of three grade performance levels. Grade 1 locks have the highest security, strength, and durability, followed by Grades 2 and 3.

We recommend installing Grade 1 locks on the front and back doors, garage doors and offices to ensure maximum safety. The Grade 2 and 3 locks, which are cheaper, can be installed in other rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a New Lock?

The cost to install a new lock is usually estimated by considering the number of doors and the type of locks to be installed. That cost can sometimes go up for emergency services and the level of lock complexity.

Prices for lock installs start at $155, and lock repairs start at $125, with all prices including service call and GST.