Emergency Locksmith

24-hour Emergency Locksmith

You’ve lost your keys and are locked out of your house, leaving you stuck not knowing what to do next.

Let’s face it, being locked out of your house or business premises is a nightmare.

Here at South Perth Locksmiths, we understand the stress that comes with lockout emergencies and we are here to unlock you fast any time, day or night.

With our reputation as one of Perth’s fastest local emergency locksmiths, our promise is to get to you in under 30 minutes.

That’s anywhere in Perth. Anytime – day or night 24/7.

We’re the emergency locksmith with the tools and the patience to work under pressure. We’ve seen the panic a thousand times before and our only mission once on site is to hit the ground running to open (or secure) your premises.

Local Emergency?

Our emergency locksmiths know every imaginable South Perth location like the back of their hand. All you need to do is call us and we will reach you in under 30 minutes guaranteed!

We have experience providing professional and affordable services in security repair, replacement and additional security recommendations for our clients, both in commercial and domestic properties in South Perth and nearby suburbs.

We repair and install locks and keys quickly and conveniently with great care to ensure no damage or scratches to the lock mechanisms and cylinders.

Perth’s Fastest Locksmith Service

Do you want to know how to prevent a home break-in from burglars?
Get our home security expert to inspect your property and advise you on how to protect your house or apartment from getting burglarized.

Locked Out of Your Home or Office?

It happens to the best of us. The wind blew the front door shut. Your child dropped your key somewhere in the street. A key broke in the lock. We’ve seen the hundreds of ways you can lock yourself out. No matter the scenario, the stress is still the same.

That’s why we’re prepped with every solution you can think of to get you back in, pronto. We only hire technicians with the calm approach to working fast. Make the call and stand back as we arrive on site within 30 minutes and get to work.

We open all types of locks such as lever tumbler locks, pin tumbler locks or wafer tumbler locks with our complete lock picking kit such as curtain pick, tension wrench, jigglers and many more. And yes, we can unlock electronic locks too.

Need Your Locks Re-Keyed?

Often seen as an alternative to changing the entire lock of a door, re-keying is where the lock is taken apart and some of the parts (or key pins) inside are replaced, so an old key can’t work anymore. The emergency locksmith then cuts new keys to open the re-keyed door lock.

Despite the intricate mechanics of the job, re-keying can be done quickly onsite by one of our qualified locksmiths. Over twenty years in the business has seen countless re-keying jobs completed around Perth. We have the tools and skills to get the job done in minutes.

Call South Perth Locksmiths Now!

Don’t stress about your emergency nightmares and finally enjoy peace of mind in crisis situations.

If you urgently need a nearby emergency locksmith, our team of experts are ready to help any time of day or night! We are ready to attend to any lockout, re-keying or lock repair emergencies as they arise.

Call now for a Free Quote and FAST call out for all your emergency lockouts, re-keying or lock repairs on 0477 742 100.