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You live a 24-hour day. Not just 9 hours at work. Not just 3 in front of the telly. Or only 7 asleep. So it pays BIG TIME to have a 24/7 emergency locksmith like South Perth Locksmiths saved into your phone. It’s insurance against the unthinkable. It’s a friendly hand in the face of panic. It’s reassurance, 24-hours a day.
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We Provide Best Locksmith Services

24 Hour Locksmith

Operating as your fully qualified Perth Locksmith who guarantees fast friendly 24 hour Emergency service

Commercial Locksmith

For those of you that have experienced being locked out in your own home, you might be familiar with your regular locksmith.

Digital Locksmith

Innovations in the digital world have led to a new era of physical security for both commercial and domestic properties

Emergency Locksmith

You don’t have to be stuck out on your doorstep to still need South Perth Locksmith’s urgent attention.

Insurance Locksmith

The main thing right now is to get you through that door. So call South Perth Locksmiths first,


It’s a sick feeling – where are the bl*#dy keys!! The main thing right now is to get you through that door.

Lock Installation

Whether your home or office, you need to be on the best security solutions to keep your properties safe 24/7.

Lock Rekeying

We provide rekeying locks service for residential and commercial properties in the Perth area.

Master Key System

It is a key management plan whereby a master key in the system can open several locks which have their own keys.

Mobile Locksmith

Everything’s mobile these days. Your music. 1,000 books on one device.AND the massively reliable round-

Smart Lock Installation

We offer smart lock installation service to both residential and commercial clients looking to secure and safeguard

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