Commercial Locksmith Perth

For those of you that have experienced being locked out in your own home, then you might be familiar with your regular locksmith.

For businesses, however, you won’t be calling a residential locksmith to help get your locks and keys back. You’d be getting help from a commercial locksmith.

You see, the main difference between a commercial and residential locksmith is in their areas of operation. Commercial locksmiths provide their services to businesses which can come in the form of large corporations, restaurants, retail shops, government offices and even universities.

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After Business Hours Commercial Locksmith

Don’t have a reliable and specialised after-hours locksmith in Perth to call on? Then here’s two reasons why you should call South Perth Locksmiths:

Your insurance: We are a specialist team who completes your locksmith needs after hours. When there’s less chance of a daytime breach and it’s less obvious to the outside world that your security is compromised.

Your professional appearance: We are on-call 24 hours a day – for emergencies and planned repairs and upgrades. Fully qualified and with a guarantee on all of our work, South Perth Locksmiths are the top choice of commercial outlets across the city for round-the-clock after hours locksmith services.

How Are Commercial Locksmiths Different?

New Lock Installation

Let’s say you tried opening your front door and once you turned the key over, its entire handle comes off along with the key.
In case you’re in need of a new lock for your retail store, a commercial locksmith can help you out here.

Commercial Lockout Service

Getting locked out of your office can be a nightmare. Your employees need to work and each minute is a waste of precious funds and opportunities you could otherwise have.
Whatever reason you may have for losing your keys, a commercial locksmith can come and get you back inside in no time.

Smart & Digital Lock Installation For Business Premises

The ideal commercial locksmith stays up to date on the newest lock and key technology.
For instance, there may be some companies that require keyless entry or barcode scanning for their security needs. Commercial locksmiths need to have the expertise to tackle these kinds of situations quickly.


Re-keying is especially effective for after hours commercial call-outs. Often used after keys are lost or after a break-in, it’s easier to re-key a series of locks than to replace all of the locks with new ones. It minimises costs but has your premises locked tight again. Re-keying although a quicker job than lock replacement, still requires professional tools and a qualified hand. Don’t trust anyone other than a highly trained after hours locksmith like South Perth Locksmiths.

Lock Repair

Sometimes a faulty door or window lock can be repaired. The only way to know is to call out a professional locksmiths Whether it’s an old and fragile lock or it’s been tampered with, the best time to fix it is when prying eyes are asleep. So call in the trusted after hours locksmiths in Perth – South Perth Locksmiths.

Why Choose South Perth Locksmiths as Your Commercial Locksmith?

The cornerstone in our business is the staff that we have. Each team member is qualified and certified to work as a commercial locksmith in times of need.
We work hard to provide for the wellbeing of all our experts because we believe that happy personnel equal satisfied customers.
With that being said, we are dedicated to providing you with the best locksmith services you need right now.
Whether you’re looking for an after-hours locksmith in times of emergency or simply need to have your commercial lock repaired, South Perth Locksmiths have got you covered.
If you are in need of a commercial locksmith today, don’t hesitate to give us a call or leave us a message!

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