Master Key Systems

What is a master key system?

A master key system is a key management plan whereby a master key in the system can open several locks which have their own individual keys.
These master keys work with different types of lock such as door locks, cabinet locks or padlocks, as long as the cylinder inside them is of the same model.
Master keying is commonly used when a key hierarchy is required to restrict the access that people have to different areas or levels of a building.

a set of keys

Master keyed lock systems can take many different forms.

For example, an office building leased by a company with some individual offices.
Each of these offices can have its key.
The master key would then have access to all of these offices and generally be held by the head of the company, management personnel, security staff and/or the cleaner.

Then for a multi level building, a grand master key provides access to all the doors in the building, and level master keys are created for each level which only access the doors on its respective level.
In other words, such as the following format:
Grand Master Key: Access to all doors and locks in all departments and floor level
Master Key: Access to a department or floor level
Individual Key: Access to an office in a department or floor level

Master Key System

What is a restricted key system?

Master key systems with restricted key systems helps maintain better key control with high security practices.
A restricted key system is where the keys supplied are restricted in its distribution either covered by a patent, design registration or formal agreement.
This makes duplication of restricted keys by unauthorised third party extremely difficult.

A master keyed system has a lower number of keys, reducing key replacement costs.
It is also convenient and provides quick access to all rooms, which can save lives in case of emergency.

South Perth Locksmiths are experts in the design and installation of highly secure master key systems and restricted key systems for businesses of all size throughout Perth.
We will plan and build a key locking system that is customised to suit your requirements and adapt to your current security system to provide the most superior and cost effective business security solutions.