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Are you sure that your home or office building security systems are compliant with the insurance regulations applicable in South Perth? Are you stressed out dealing with your insurance company after a break-in at your building? If yes, we, at South Perth Locksmiths are here to cover any and all lock repairs to help make sure you’re compliant with the latest insurance standards.

Stay Compliant with Insurance Standards

At South Perth Locksmiths, we present an exclusive range of lock installation, maintenance, repair and replacement as well as other security measures such as alarms, deadbolts etc. for both commercial and residential properties across Perth and surrounding neighbourhoods.

Not only do we ensure that your property’s security stands the best chance against a break-in but also make it insurance ready, so you can make a claim in case of a theft.

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Securing Your Exterior Doors

All of your exterior doors need to be secured with a deadlock that comes with a key cylinder both inside and out. You can have this lock mortice or surface-mounted depending on your preference. Using a mortice just means that it has a recess cut into the door’s edge wherein the locking mechanism can be found. Generally, the surface-mounted lock – also known as a rim lock – is usually less fussy to install.

After deciding on either lock choices, the decision between a dead latch and a deadbolt is up next. The former is a self-latching device which comes with a latch bolt that is spring-actuated.

This device can automatically lock a door and then released by a key on either side. A deadbolt has some similarities to a deadlatch. However, the main difference between the two is that the deadbolt isn’t spring-activated. The key will be needed to unlock and lock the deadbolt. Deadlatches, deadbolts and deadlocks are often used on the primary external doors of a property. Using keyed patio bolts are commonly used on French and patio doors. These two operate by releasing and fastening the bolt often into the ground.

Important Considerations For Insurance Locks

All of us want our homes and commercial properties to be safe from harm. That is why it is definitely worth it to have quality locks on doors and windows installed.

However, the type of locks that you choose can have a significant impact on your insurance.

Depending on the property in question, it can lower your premium or clauses may come up if you’ve chosen locks that are not sufficient for your needs.

If you wish to have your home insured but you’re not sure if your locks are good enough, it’s important to consult an insurance locksmith expert today.

Securing Your Window Locks

Securing your external windows will require you to utilise the bolts or locks that match the kind of window you need to be secured.

Casement Windows

standard designs usually have its sash hinged on its side. This is often referred to as an awning window while those that are hinged at the bottom are hopper windows. These windows can be secured using a keyed lock. As an alternative, a keyed bolt can be fitted by your residential locksmith to attain the same results

Sash Windows

these are commonly available in two forms: single and double hung. You can secure these windows using a keyed lock that is attached at its meeting rail. Alternatively, you may use a keyed bolt.

Sliding Windows

These types of windows can have a keyed lock installed to keep its sash secured from the frame and can stop it from sliding. You can also use a keyed bolt to achieve the same output.

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