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How to Keep Your business Premises as Secure as Possible

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Investing in the security of your business does not just mean liability insurance. It also means making sure all the equipment, documentation, materials and product that make up the assets of your company are well-protected at all times. Depending on your business, this may require complex systems or technology, but there are some fundamental principles that can lay the groundwork for strong security at your business location,


Safety First

Business security is not just about keeping your premises secure. It’s also about keeping your employees safe while they work. South Perth Locksmiths recommends investing in a thorough CCTV system means not only can you ensure your property is safe during non-business hours, but you will be able to record any incidents that occur during work hours too, and put in place procedures that will prevent such an event from happening again. If you have a shop or customer-facing aspect, a CCTV system will also allow you to monitor this area of your business for shoplifters and provide a deterrent for any would-be thief.


Lock up!

Insurers look very favourably on any security feature that is present at your business. The greater your investment in your security, the less you will pay on your insurance. Also, the more security you have for your business, the less your insurer will be able to protest that you did not adequately protect yourself from harm. This may be as trivial as locks or grates on windows and deadbolts on doors, but it may be more complex like digital smart lock systems, CCTV, safes and more. At South Perth Locksmiths we are great advocates for smart lock security systems.


Create a protocol

Once you are satisfied with your security equipment, carefully construct a security protocol for yourself and for your employees, and even for visitors to your business sites. There should be crystal clarity in the system, providing instructions for how to open the business in the morning, close it at night, how to manage visitors, accidents and any other exigent circumstances from a security perspective.


Invest in quality equipment, properly installed

EBay is awash with cheap security systems that seem very appealing. But the last thing you want is to discover that system was not recording the night of the robbery or the day of your best employee’s accident. Your business needs security equipment it can rely on no matter what time of the day or night. You want to know it’s always working hard and working well. South Perth Locksmiths stocks a great range of locks and security lock technology that we can install and maintain in South Perth and beyond. We can be at your premises in under 30 minutes, and we can provide you with equipment that has a reputation for strength, reliability and consistency.

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