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Tips For Improving Your Home Security



When it comes to your home, you really want to be sure that it’s safe. You want to know you have done everything you can to make sure the safety of your family and your cherished possessions are secure, and you don’t have to worry what is happening while you’re away. As experienced professionals in home security, South Perth Locksmiths can offer you some great tips for how to keep your home safe. You don’t have to break the bank to achieve a high level of security.

Be Mindful of your Actions

Burglars often watch a home for signs of expensive equipment and materials that are left vulnerable. The easiest theft to perpetrate is one where no lock needs breaking. A great example would be power tools left in the garage. If you leave your garage door open, this is a great opportunity for someone to come along and quickly grab one or two before you’ve come back from the bathroom. So be mindful of locking doors, keeping garage doors open briefly, and locking windows that are on the ground floor.


Windows can be doors too

For someone intent on invading your home, an unlocked window is as good as an unlocked door. South Perth Locksmiths (the best locksmiths in Perth) recommends putting locks on windows that are vulnerable to entry. This means the ground floor, but it may also mean windows that would be accessible via a fire escape or other adjacent structure. Not only is this good for your own security, but it can also help to bring down your insurance premiums.


Think like the Opposition

What would you do if you wanted to get into your house without a key? Take an hour or two and move around your house, think about how you would gain entry if you’d forgotten your key, or if you were the invader. This can really help you isolate which parts of your home are vulnerable to unwanted entry and give you a way to strengthen your defences.


Look Busy!

If there’s one thing that will deter an invader, it’s someone being at home. Theft is usually opportunistic and done to avoid confrontation, so if you’re home, your home is safe. But if you can’t be home all the time, which few of us can be, try to find ways to make your home look occupied. This might mean a light on at night, or a radio on upstairs. If you’re away on holiday, try to have people come and go so it seems busy.


Consult South Perth Locksmiths

If you have been searching locksmith near me, then you are in the right place. If you want great professional advice on systems and methods to keep your home safe, South Perth Locksmiths is happy to visit your home and show you what we can do to strengthen your security systems. We provide a comprehensive range of equipment and services that can put you in control of your home security and give you the comfort of knowing your home is well protected. Give us a call now to discuss your home security.

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