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The Benefits of Smart Locks

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At South Perth Locksmiths, we are huge advocates for smart locks, digital locks, and security systems. We know from our many clients who have made the switch to digital systems, that choosing a smart system makes life much easier and more efficient in so many ways! Smart locks offer some really great inherent benefits, but there are also some less obvious advantages that you may not have considered. So let’s look at some of the great things about a smart lock system.


Lost a key? No Problem!

Perhaps the number one reason Perth locksmiths are called is the loss or misplacement of a key. With a smart system, you can do away with keys altogether if you want! South Perth Locksmiths can provide you with a system that allows you to control the locks with a fob, and with an app on your phone. So if you lose one or the other, you will still have access. (Try not to lose both obviously….)


The Digital Fortress

Home and office break-ins for petty theft are not performed by tech wizards, so a digital lock is almost always an immediate deterrent for a would-be intruder. It also suggests the presence of a wider security system like CCTV. Even if you don’t have any other security system in place, an electronic locking system suggests security consciousness, and will further deter any thief.


Bring Your Premiums Down

If you need proof that digital locks are safer, look no further than the calculations of your insurance company. Most insurers look very favourable on electronic and digital locks, and investing in a system like this can significantly reduce your premiums, saving you money in the long term, If you’re not sure, give your insurer a call and find out what kind of reduction you can get for installing a smart lock system. You’ll be surprised!


Change Access on the Fly

The great thing about a system that is remotely accessible is that you can provide and restrict access at a moment’s notice. Has the cleaner arrived early and no one is home? No problem, you can let them in. Did your child lose their fob, they don’t have to climb the fence to get inside. Are you going away on holiday but want to give a family member access so they can water your plants? You got it. A digital system means you don’t have to keep track of any keys and who has them, you can keep track of it all from your phone at anytime, anywhere.


It’s Easy!

You can also do away with hundreds of keys for hundreds of doors across the home or office. With one single system and one single app, you can control entry and exit for your family or your team members, and change it to suit your changing needs. It’s easy to operate for the user too, just touch and go. It’s simple to use, and super-effective.

If you have been searching locksmith near me, then you are in the right place.

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