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How Exactly Do Locksmiths Open Doors That Are Locked?


Locksmiths can open door locks by using a variety of tools and techniques. Locksmiths use the most common tools, including pick guns, lock picks, and key extractors. Today, we’ll explore more specific ways that they can unlock a door you accidentally forgot.

Via Standard Door Locks

A standard door lock is a device to secure a door to prevent unauthorised entry. Standard door locks are typically metal and designed to operate with a key. If they have a duplicate of your key, they can use that to open your door(s)!

By Analysing Keys

Sometimes, a locksmith may need to use a key analyser to create a new key for your door. This machine helps the locksmith determine the electrical resistance values of your door. With this information, the locksmith can create a replica of your key using a mechanical key cutter.

However, beware of this method, especially when some locksmiths may try to scam you by telling you that you need to replace your locks when they could just be picked or broken. Before replacing your locks, an experienced locksmith will try various methods to open them without having to replace them.

Via Picking Locks

Lock picking is a technique that can be used to open a lock without a key. The four pins in a four-pin lock must be lifted to a specific height to turn the mechanism and unlock the door since the actual lengths vary from rod to rod. A lock-picking kit, which includes the tools needed to lift the pins, is available from locksmiths. However, the lock-picking procedure requires knowledge and experience.

By Booster Keys

A bump key is a key that is used to enter a pin tumbler lock and bypass the lock. Bump keys are made to enter a pin tumbler lock’s pin mechanism and bypass the lock. They work well with doors with the typical tumbler lock seen in most homes.

Via Reprogramming Modern Lock Mechanisms

Nowadays, most door locks are equipped with modern locking mechanisms that users can easily program according to their preferences. This allows you to easily change the code whenever you want without hiring a locksmith or buying a new lock.

You must have a keyless entry system to open your door without a key. To program this system, you need a professional locksmith’s help.

By Grilling a Block

The final method that a locksmith may suggest for unlocking a door is drilling the cylinder. This will damage the cylinder but will allow the door to be opened. After this, the locksmith will either need to install a new door lock or replace the cylinder.

In Closing

Regardless of the method, hiring a professional locksmith in Perth is best if you’ve locked out of your property or vehicle. This is because attempting to change your locks on your own could result in costly mistakes. You can look for a locksmith online by searching for “locksmith near me” or asking your friends and family for recommendations. Before using a locksmith’s services, check their credentials to ensure that you get quality work done.

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