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Should You Change Locks When Moving Into a New House?

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Security is important for any home or business. When you move into a new property, ensure that duplicate keys out there can’t be used by anyone to gain access to your new place at any time they want. Whether you’re renting or owning the property, changing locks is your top priority.

You don’t know how many copies of the old keys are in the hands of former residents, tenants, real estate agents, cleaners, contractors, inspectors or tradesmen. Maybe they have a copy of your keys and they won’t access your house, flat or business without your knowledge. But are you willing to risk your safety or the protection of your loved ones? What about keys that were permanently lost or lost track of? A stranger could have those keys. You would want your property safe from burglary and home invasion. Hiring a professional locksmith to come over and change your locks will give you peace of mind.

Your insurance company might require that your new property change locks so that your home and contents have full coverage. If there is a burglary without signs of forced entry, you might have issues claiming anything.

Don’t stop at the doors when changing your locks. Ensure that all entrances to your residential and commercial property have had the locks changed. For example, entrances from gates to windows to garages and even sheds.

When changing your door locks, you can

  • rekey locks
  • replace locks

For rekeying locks, a locksmith will take the lock apart to change the pins inside the barrel to a new key combination so that the old key doesn’t work anymore. This is usually cheaper than replacing the entire lock. Read more about our service for rekeying your locks in Perth.

Replacing locks involves removing the old lock from the door and then installing a brand new lock. New latches or strike plates may need to be installed.

If you want a professional locksmith changing your locks, talk to us at 0477 724 100

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