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Rental Property Security Standards: What You Need to Know

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Whether you’re a property manager or landlord, ensuring tenant safety and meeting minimum security standards for rental properties is crucial. The required security measures are specified in the Residential Tenancies Regulations 1989 and Residential Tenancies Act 1987. The Consumer Protection Division, part of the Government of Western Australia’s Department of Mines, Industry Regulation, and Safety, provides a list of minimum security requirements. Familiarizing yourself with these standards is essential for understanding your rights and responsibilities in maintaining the security of a rental property.

Minimum Security Standards

Main Entry Door

The main entry door or front door must be key lockable. The minimum required security is either a deadlock or an Australian Standard 5039-2008 compliant key lockable security screen door. This standard defines the minimum performance requirements for hinged and sliding security screen doors, as well as hinged and sliding doors and window grilles. It is applicable mainly in residential situations. The deadlock can be a single or double cylinder. A single cylinder allows easy exit from the inside by turning the handle or knob during emergencies. The deadlock can be separated from the door handle or integrated into the handset. Retrofitting security is not needed if there is already an Australian Standards compliant key lockable security screen with a deadlock fitted.

All Other External Doors

The basic security requirements include either
  • a deadlock
  • a patio bolt lock (if a deadlock isn’t possible)
  • an AS 5039-2008 compliant key lockable security screen door
If a patio bolt is needed, it doesn’t have to be key lockable.


Windows must have locks preventing outside opening. It does not have to be key lockable, but all openable windows must have working latches, closers or locks. If windows have AS 5039-2008 compliant security screens, no retrofitting of window locks is required.

External Lighting

A required security measure is an outdoor light near the main entry, operable from indoors, illuminating the premises. Make sure the security lights adequately cover the main entry, eliminating any hidden areas where intruders could enter unnoticed. This excludes flats or apartments, where the strata of the company are responsible for the outdoor lighting around the building property.

Special Considerations

Apartments/Units Not on the Ground Floor

Apartments not on the ground floor must meet minimum security requirements for the main entry door. However, if a balcony door can only be accessed from inside the premises, then security is not required. Window locks are also unnecessary if windows are not easily accessible from outside.

Multi Storey Homes

Apply the same minimum security standards to all entry doors and ground-floor windows. The requirements don’t apply if
  • a balcony door can only be accessed from inside
  • windows on the second storey and above aren’t easily accessible from the outside

Louvered Windows

Louver windows must have a working locking mechanism. If not, another mechanism must be installed to enable locking in the fully closed position.

Rural Properties

If the property is on land zoned for agricultural or rural use, meeting the minimum security standards is not mandatory. However, locks or other devices must be provided and maintained to ensure the rental premises are reasonably secure.

Heritage Listed Properties

Properties listed on the State Heritage Register are exempt from these requirements. However, locks or other devices must still be provided and maintained to ensure the rental premises are reasonably secure.
Not sure if your rental property is complying with the required level of security standards? Book a free security audit or call us for expert advice on your rental property safety and security requirements. South Perth Locksmiths has been a trusted partner with the real estate industry for over 30 years. We’re qualified tradesperson providing security audits, regular checks and other strata locksmith services.

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